Why should I get involved with ONGVoluntariado?

Nowadays, so many of us express the desire to make that special trip, or to get involved in international volunteering, with the idea of really making a difference and immersing oneself in another culture. Yet so many times that desire remains just that….perhaps because of our fear of hypothetical obstacles, or lack of knowledge or prejudices we may have about certain countries….or perhaps simply because of a lack of time in our busy lives.

The individuals that make up the ONGVoluntariado team have previously lived – and continue to live on a day to day basis – the truly life-changing experience that is International Cooperation, participating as volunteers in the majority of projects that we offer. We have built relationships with all of the directors and people in charge of our partner projects, we have seen with our own eyes the real necessity that these projects respond to and the steps that need to be taken towards development, and we have seen that – in this type of work – the benefits hugely outweigh the obstacles.


Having lived in the areas in which we offer partner projects we are also able to provide volunteers with a great deal of information about the area, things to do, points of interest and other helpful facts, and we trust in the security and friendly atmosphere provided by our local host families.


Each year the ONGVoluntariado team visits the 3 countries where we currently offer volunteer placements Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua – to visit the different projects, the families and the individuals with whom we work. In this way we can guarantee continued monitoring of our projects and volunteers, witness firsthand the impact we are creating and discover new necessities to address.