Laura: "The first time I travelled to Latin America I was dying to do some volunteering because it was something that I’d had at the front of my mind for a long time. I couldn’t commit much time to volunteering, so I wanted to go out there with something already organized and set in stone. I actually had a lot of doubts to begin with, but ONGVoluntariado got rid of all of my worries and kept me informed throughout the whole process, which was really very simple and quick. In the end I decided to do my volunteering in Guatemala, I stayed there for just over 3 weeks and I had such a great time! The host family that I stayed with in Antigua were so lovely, the country itself is so beautiful and I loved the project and the kids. I ended up meeting loads of people from all over as well. Despite the fact that I’d never worked with children before it was a lot easier than I thought – in the end I was so motivated about my placement that it went really well (the kids are always grateful for any small help you can give them). My role was to help them out with various educational tasks: help them with homework, organize all sorts of activities, teach them how to read/write, play games…. I definitely plan to do another volunteering placement in the future – hopefully next year!"

Jara: "I participated in a volunteer program in a community in Nicaragua. I had already spent some time in Latin America but Nicaragua was next on my list and they actually offered me a great volunteer placement there that fitted in exactly with what I was looking for. I worked in a project for children with disabilities and – although I had worked in that kind of environment before – I was shocked to see how few resources the project had at their disposition. Right from the beginning I really felt like one of the team and we drew up a work plan together with the project staff for the time I was there. The work I did with them….being able to help others….was truly fulfilling. You also end up valuing ‘your world’ a lot more working with people who have so little and seeing that – despite that – they live happily. Sometimes you can have so much and still not be content."



Isaac: "Taking the decision to have this kind of experience is something that you always have at the back of your mind, but because of various excuses you just never end up doing it. I had looked around quite a lot at different projects, but many of them were in areas that I didn’t feel very comfortable going to. Through the recommendation of someone I knew I came across ONGVoluntariado and I didn’t have any problems – the organization and coordination of my placement with them was very simple and easy. I participated as a volunteer in a community very close to Cuzco, Peru and then I took the opportunity to travel a bit in Central America.


My placement consisted in giving English classes and leading various workshops and sports activities. Basically I just did the type of tasks that I felt the most comfortable and useful doing. Quite a bit of time has gone by since I finished my volunteering, but my mind often goes back there – it really was an unforgettable experience. To be able to share in a culture so different from ours, to be able to learn about other traditions….the truth is that it really does change your mindset for the better in many ways. I would love to go back and visit them at some point and I hope that this little project continues to receive help and volunteers, as it really helps them to survive."

Mireia:"For years I had been thinking about doing some volunteering in Latin America, but there was always some obstacle or other that stopped me from doing it. In the end I just went for it and – after looking around for a project where I could really be of help – I was connected with a foundation in Nicaragua. In the truest sense of the word, my time there could not have been more gratifying – the places, the work, the people, the culture, the wonderful welcome I was given, the project itself, the excitement, the contrasts and the satisfaction of feeling like you are really helping to improve the lives of others and your own! It might sound a bit cliché, but these are not emotions that you can explain adequately with words – you just have to feel it for yourself, to live it for yourself! Thank you so much to ONGVoluntariado for all the support and advice and the great way you treated me from beginning to end!"


Jose:"I love to travel, but this time I wanted to do something a bit different – not a trip like I had taken before, something more productive both for myself and for others. I’d never left Europe before, I wanted to ‘cross the pond’ as they say in Latin America. I took part in a volunteering placement for nearly a month with a project in Peru in a rural community with children and teenagers who lived there. At first I was really disorientated by the culture shock that hit me, but I soon began to feel at home thanks to the great welcome that I was given. During my placement I was given all sorts of tasks, largely what best fitted in with my skills and what I could be most useful at….helping with homework, planting vegetables in the garden, playing with the kids, all sorts of activities really...


I had heard from some people that the area in which the project was located was pretty dangerous and not a great place to travel to, but really it was the opposite and at no point did I feel unsafe. I would totally encourage anyone who wants to have this kind of adventure to just go for it like I did!"

Alejandro:"My volunteering experience was really very comprehensive – I thought that it would seem like a really long time that I was going to spend in Central America but it actually went so quickly! I was over there in total for 4 months and it was a hugely satisfying experience. In the house that I stayed in I got to know a bit about the Guatemalan way of life, their food…and how to live amongst people in a different kind of environment. I spent my time in the small colonial city of Antigua – an absolutely beautiful place – and volunteered in a project that was about 25 minutes away by bus. The project was for children of different ages who had serious financial and family problems, and I got involved with lots of different education-based activities (some of which were already part of the program, and some new activities that were suggested by volunteers). I felt really useful to be honest, and I was really taken aback by how much I learned from the families and the kids themselves. Although it sounds very cheesy (!) they have so little, yet manage to be happy – they have a different view of life that made me think a lot about different aspects of my own stressful life. Right now because of my own work it’s impossible for me to go back and help like I would love to, but I still contribute in a little way with monthly donations."

Pere: "I was at a point in my life where I was having trouble making decisions about several different things and I think it was just the right moment for me to do something like this to grow on a personal level. When I started thinking about doing some volunteering in another country all the options I found involved working with children – something that didn’t particularly motivate me. In the end ONGVoluntariado came up with some other project options for me to do: things related to art and theater, sports, organizing events….
Every day for me was an adventure in itself – learning and getting to know new things. After 2 weeks of doing all sorts of different tasks I ended up choosing to work with the children and teenagers of my own volition! The reality is that I thought I was going to dedicate a month and a half to the project and I ended up staying for nearly 3 months! In general I really liked the experience for different reasons and right now I continue to help out the school from a distance by fundraising money and materials. I still have a very close relationship with the project and I hope to visit them again soon.