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Child Education Project


Project Overview: An educational project located in Cuzco, founded 11 years ago with the aim of providing children with an alternative education. The project was founded by a Peruvian who realized that a change needed to take place in his country, particularly in terms of the extreme poverty and marginalization that he saw around him. This small and warmhearted project has grown over the course of time, and now supports around 80 children between the ages of 5-13.


Location: The project is located very close to the center of Cuzco – around 10 minutes walk from the central square.


Project Mission: To offer a just and deserved education to marginalized children, develop their key values and love for life and provide them with equal opportunities.


Volunteer Role:


  • Daily activities: Help with homework and tutoring in school subjects, IT, art and reading comprehension, along with any other subject suggested by the volunteer or the student.
  • Help out with or lead other activities, such as sports, various classes or workshops, art, dance etc (depending on the specific abilities of the volunteer).
  • Participate in the weekly ‘sharing meeting’ between volunteers and students, that facilitates communication, understanding and self-confidence.


Working Hours: During the months of January-March a volunteer can participate in the mornings (8.30am-11.00am), and from April onwards can also participate in the afternoons (3.00pm-6.30pm). In the mornings the group of students consists of approximately 30 older children (9 years and older); in the afternoons around 80 younger students attend.


Suggested Volunteer Dates: Volunteers can participate in a placement at any time of year.


Minimum Length of Placement: There is no mandatory minimum period for a volunteer placement in this project.


Tourism: In Peru tourism is a huge attraction and the third largest national industry, after mining and fishing. In the last 5 years tourism in Peru has grown by 25% annually – making it the fastest growing national industry and the highest in South America. Tourism is largely based around the (more than 1000) archeological sites and trekking routes, although the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu are particularly famous, thanks to their denomination as one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


Language: Spanish is the official language of Peru and is used across most of the country. The cultural and historical legacy of Peru is expressed through the variety of native languages that are still spoken throughout its territory. The language of Quechua (and its respective regional dialects) is constitutionally recognized as Peru’s second language and is spoken particularly in the Andean regions of the country.


Currency: The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo sol: $1(3 soles), 1EUR (3,5 soles).
These details could vary according to future currency fluctuation


If a volunteer chooses this Project to complete their placement they will have 2 options to choose from in terms of accommodation, both located within the city of Cuzco – a room in the house of a local host family, or a room in the project’s Volunteer House. If the volunteer chooses to live in the home of a local family they will receive fresh bedding and 3 home-cooked meals from Monday-Sunday.


If the volunteer chooses to live in the Volunteer House they will be provided with breakfast from Monday-Sunday. If the volunteer wishes to cook their own meals there is a small kitchen in the house that they may use, or they can take advantage of the small on-site restaurant. All the rooms share a common bathroom. In the Volunteer House almost all the guests are volunteers at the project, so it would prove an ideal place to live for those volunteers who wish to get to know and socialize with other volunteers.


  • All volunteers must be 18 years old or above
  • High level of Spanish fluency in the case of non-native Spanish speakers.
  • This particular project is appropriate for all kinds of volunteers and does not require specific training or experience.
  • This project is appropriate for people who like to be surrounded by nature and in the countryside, as the orphanage is located in a rural community
  • We expect a positive attitude and a willingness to live, learn and get to know a different culture in a community with few resources.
  • It is very important for a volunteer to be highly adaptable, as the people that will be surrounding you during your time in Peru have very different lives and work than your own.
  • It is essential to have an attitude of wanting to learn, willingness to listen and observe and motivation to help children and/or adults.
  • Complete dedication to the volunteer experience is imperative.


4 weeks: 635 Euros  ($685)
3 weeks: 525 Euros  ($565)
2 weeks: 435 Euros  ($470)


Extra week: 75 Euros  ($80)


(These prices could vary slightly according to fluctuations in the $-EUR Exchange Rate).


These prices include:


  • Transfer from Cuzco Airport to accommodation (one way).
  • Accomodation with a host family, including 3 meals Monday-Friday.
  • Presence of a Volunteer Coordinator to support you throughout your placement.
  • Organization of your volunteer placement in a project of your choice, and a donation to the project.


These prices do not include:


  • Plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (obligatory)


  • Contact us either by phone, email or by filling in the following application form.


  • Once you have chosen your volunteering project and have confirmed your start and end dates, you will need to provide us with your exact flight dates (date, flight number, arrival time).


  • We will send you a breakdown of the price of the program that you choose.


  • Before departure we ask you to make a deposit of your program cost to the ONGVoluntariado Bank Account (the balance of your program cost will be settled in-country upon arrival).


  • Before departure you will also receive all the information pertinent to your volunteer placement, Volunteer Contract, travel recommendations and useful info, and we will be available to resolve any doubts or issues you may have before commencing your placement.