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Special Education Project in Nicaragua


Project Overview: A special school created to give a comprehensive education to children with certain disabilities and/or at-risk socially. Currently the project supports around 110 children between the ages of 2-14. 36% of the children attending the school have some kind of disability or learning deficit, and a high percentage of the children can be considered ‘at-risk’. The project aims to provide an education that is both comprehensive and of a high quality, and inclusive to all.


Location: The school is located in the picturesque town of Estelí, around 10 minutes walking from the central park.


Project Mission: To address the complex needs of families and children who suffer from abuse, poverty and discrimination and to provide a quality education to children and adults alike.


Volunteer Role:


  • Assist children with their homework in school subjects (those who attend mainstream school).
  • In the case of specific children (and based on the volunteer’s personal skills), special attention can be provided in the areas of psychology, special education, or individual tutoring or therapy.
  • Help design and implement fun, educational activities and games – such as theater, dance etc.
  • Special attention can be given to those children with particularly difficult family situations or certain disabilities (in consultation and collaboration with the project staff and work plan).
  • Help instruct children in the development of key values – carry out activities fostering teamwork, respect for others etc.
  • Depending on the specific skills of the volunteer they may have the opportunity to propose and carry out other activities.
  • Share your abilities and experience with the project and submerge yourself in its daily workings and life.


Working Hours: 8.00am-1.00pm or 8.00am-3.30pm (the number of hours invested is up to the volunteer to decide based on their level of commitment).


Suggested Volunteering Dates: A volunteer can participate in a placement in this project at any time of the year, except during Easter Week and over Christmas and New Year (from the last week of December until the first week of February).


Minimum length of placement: A volunteer will only be considered for this project if they can commit to a placement of at least 3 weeks.


Location: situated in Central America, bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, with access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts. The capital is Managua.


Climate: Nicaragua for the most part benefits from a tropical climate, although subject to variations according to altitude. The Pacific coast tends to be warm all year round, whilst the Caribbean coast maintains a more humid temperature.


Culture: Nicaragua possesses a rich cultural history, heavily influenced by religious aspects and the interesting cultural mix between Spanish and indigenous heritages. The influence of the Spanish colonialization is still heavily felt in the traditions and culture of Nicaragua. The traditional instrument of the marimba has greatly influenced modern music and Nicaraguan music still retains many traditional elements. Nicaragua is also famous for its frequent vibrant fiestas and cultural celebrations. The food, drink, color, music, traditional dances, parades and religious ceremonies all make up part of these vivid celebrations that can last for several days and demonstrate the essence of Nicaraguan popular culture.


Tourism: Tourism in Nicaragua has grown greatly over the years (approx. 10% per annum) and is currently the second largest national industry. Nicaragua is characterized by its beautiful green landscapes and its volcanoes – a luscious landscape that really is worth the visit.


Language: The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish, although the Spanish spoken in Nicaragua interestingly contains several words taken from nahuatl (the native language), along with several archaisms, neologisms and anglicisms (due to the strong North American influence throughout the history of Nicaragua).


Currency: The official currency of Nicaragua is the cordoba,  $1(26,75 córdobas), 1EUR (30,45 córdoba). These details could vary according to future currency fluctuation.


The volunteer will have the option of staying with a local host family, or in an apartment shared with other volunteers. Although the host families do not provide food for the volunteers, they will receive one meal a day in the project itself from Monday-Friday. In the host family houses the majority of rooms are single-occupancy, although in some cases the rooms are shared with other volunteers. They are simple, clean rooms with all the basic necessities and the families are incredibly warm and welcoming. Each volunteer will be provided with clean bedding.


  • All volunteers must be 18 years old or above
  • High level of Spanish fluency in the case of non-native Spanish speakers.
  • This particular project is appropriate for all kinds of volunteers and does not require specific training or experience.
  • This project is appropriate for people who like to be surrounded by nature and in the countryside, as the orphanage is located in a rural community
  • We expect a positive attitude and a willingness to live, learn and get to know a different culture in a community with few resources.
  • It is very important for a volunteer to be highly adaptable, as the people that will be surrounding you during your time in Peru have very different lives and work than your own.
  • It is essential to have an attitude of wanting to learn, willingness to listen and observe and motivation to help children and/or adults.
  • Complete dedication to the volunteer experience is imperative.
  • For specific volunteer roles (social work, nursing, graphic design, accounting etc) the volunteer must possess the necessary knowledge to carry out the role. If they are not qualified professionals they may be in their last year of studies or recent graduates of these specific disciplines or similar.


4 weeks: 540 Euros  ($585)
3 weeks: 450 Euros  ($485)
2 weeks: 375 Euros  ($405)


Extra week: 70 Euros  ($75)


(These prices could vary slightly according to fluctuations in the $-EUR Exchange Rate).


These prices include:


  • Pick-up and transport from Managua Airport, Augusto C.Sandino,, to your accommodation (one way).
  • Accomodation with a host family, including 3 meals Monday-Friday.
  • Presence of a Volunteer Coordinator to support you throughout your placement.
  • Organization of your volunteer placement in a project of your choice, and a donation to the project.


These prices do not include:


  • Plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (obligatory)


All of our volunteer projects are located in countries rich in culture, history and tradition, known for their many spectacular tourist attractions


  • Contact us either by phone, email or by filling in the following application form.


  • Once you have chosen your volunteering project and have confirmed your start and end dates, you will need to provide us with your exact flight dates (date, flight number, arrival time).


  • We will send you a breakdown of the price of the program that you choose.


  • Before departure we ask you to make a deposit of your program cost to the ONGVoluntariado Bank Account (the balance of your program cost will be settled in-country upon arrival).


  • Before departure you will also receive all the information pertinent to your volunteer placement, Volunteer Contract, travel recommendations and useful info, and we will be available to resolve any doubts or issues you may have before commencing your placement.