Volunteer Programs in Mexico


Mexico, (capital: Mexico City) is the tenth most populated country in the world. Bordered to the north by the United States and to the south by Guatemala and Belize, the east and west coasts are surrounded by ocean (respectively, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and the Pacific). The country boasts a very varied climate, cold in the mountains and very warm at sea level. Tourism is a booming industry due to its famous beaches and Mesoamerican ruins.


    • Center for Disabled Adults

      Center for Disabled Adults

      A comprehensive center aimed at the education, support and vocational training of disabled adults, with the aim of providing tools for them to become self-sufficient.

      LEER MÁS

    • Center for Pregnant Women

      Center for Pregnant Women

      A care center for pregnant women that offers psychological and physical support and help for women with unwanted pregnancies, often stemming from rape or abuse.

      LEER MÁS