Volunteer in Guatemala   Educational Center for Children and Adolescents

Educational Center for Children and Adolescents


Project Overview: Educational center created 9 years ago, with the aim of providing an education different to the traditional one available in Guatemala. The project aims to provide an education more in tune with the social reality of the country by dealing with issues such as sexuality, family issues and behavioral trends with both children and adolescents. Currently the center provides education to around 150 students.


Location: The school is located in a small village very close to Antigua Guatemala. Volunteers can arrive in 5 minutes by bus or in 15 minutes on foot.


Project Mission: This school aims to responsibly provide an effective and practical education to every child, with the hope of creating a different future for those children living in high-risk environments or in situations of family disintegration. The education given adapts to the context and tries to change learned patterns of behavior with the aim of improving the lives of the more than 150 children and 30 young people who currently attend the school. The school focuses on 4 specific areas: Nutrition/Art/Health and Education.


Volunteer Role:


  • To begin with each volunteer may spend time completing tasks in each of the 4 areas mentioned above (Nutrition/Art/Health/Education), and may choose after the first week which best suits their abilities and interests.
  • Volunteers can provide homework help and support in all of the subjects that the students study.
  • Carry out educational games and activities, or propose new ones according to the volunteer’s abilities.
  • Playground monitor during recess and helping to serve the children’s food.
  • Activities with the adolescent students will vary according to the volunteer’s abilities – theater, art, dance, photography, sport, educational workshops (the possibilities for a volunteer’s role are very flexible).
  • If a volunteer does not feel comfortable working directly with the students, they can contribute directly to the upkeep of the project – cooking, cleaning, administrative tasks.


Working Hours: Mornings or afternoons. Working with children: 8.00am-3.00pm. Working with adolescents 5.00pm-9.00pm.


Suggested Volunteering Dates: Volunteers can participate in a placement at any time of year.


Minimum Length of Placement: Minimum 2 weeks


Location: Situated in Central America, bordered west and north by Mexico, east by Belize and Honduras, southeast by El Salvador and south by the Pacific Ocean. The capital is the City of Guatemala.


Climate: Often described as the ‘land of the eternal springtime’, due to its tropical and sub-tropical climate. A country with varied climates, but remains warm and sunny most months of the year, with lower temperatures at night. The mountainous geography of Guatemala – varying from sea level to 4200m above sea level - creates many variations in weather and temperature.


Culture: The ethnic diversity of Guatemala’s current population is reflected by the presence of descendants of various peoples – Mayan, Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, Mexican and (to a smaller extent) Northern American. The typical weavings and traditional dress are still made according to Mayan tradition, and there are still numerous Mayan ruins found at important archeological sites across Guatemala. The enduring mystery and magic of the Mayan civilization can still be felt at sites such as Tikal, Aguateca, Quirigua and Yaxha. Guatemala stands out amongst other Latin American countries for being the country with the highest population of indigenous people.


Tourism: Over the last few years Guatemala has become one of the most visited countries in Central America, with its Mayan traditions, vibrant history and incredible volcanic landscape proving to be a fantastic tourist attraction.


Language: The official spoken language is Spanish, but there exist 24 different Mayan languages. Years ago there were many more Mayan languages that have disappeared over the course of time.


Currency: The official currency of Guatemala is the Quetzal, $1 (7,65Q), 1EUR (8,35Q).
These details could vary according to future currency fluctuation.



Each volunteer will be provided housing with a Guatemalan host family in a charming house – either located in the small city of Antigua or in the community in which you will be carrying out your volunteer placement. The majority of rooms are single-occupancy, although some are shared with other volunteers. They are simple, clean rooms with all the basic necessities and the families are incredibly warm and welcoming. Each volunteer will be provided clean bedding and a home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday-Saturday.


  • Volunteers must be 20 years old or above
  • High level of Spanish fluency if not a native Spanish speaker.
  • This particular project is appropriate for all kinds of volunteers and does not require specific training or experience.
  • We expect a positive attitude and a willingness to live, learn and get to know a different culture in a community with few resources.
  • It is very important for a volunteer to be highly adaptable, as the people that will be surrounding you during your time in Guatemala have very different lives and work to our own.
  • It is essential to have an attitude of wanting to learn, willingness to listen and observe and motivation to help children and/or adults.
  • Complete dedication to the volunteer experience is imperative.


4 weeks: 565 Euros  ($630)
3 weeks: 495 Euros  ($555)
2 weeks: 430 Euros  ($480)

Extra week: 75 Euros  ($80)


(These prices could vary slightly according to fluctuations in the $-EUR Exchange Rate).


These prices include:


  • Pick-up and transport from Guatemala’s national airport, La Aurora, to your accommodation (one way).
  • Accomodation with a host family, including 3 meals Monday-Friday.
  • Presence of a Volunteer Coordinator to support you throughout your placement.
  • Organization of your volunteer placement in a project of your choice, and a donation to the project.


These prices do not include:


  • Plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (obligatory)


  • Contact us either by phone, email or by filling in the following application form.


  • Once you have chosen your volunteering project and have confirmed your start and end dates, you will need to provide us with your exact flight dates (date, flight number, arrival time).


  • We will send you a breakdown of the price of the program that you choose.


  • Before departure we ask you to make a deposit of your program cost to the ONGVoluntariado Bank Account (the balance of your program cost will be settled in-country upon arrival).


  • Before departure you will also receive all the information pertinent to your volunteer placement, Volunteer Contract, travel recommendations and useful info, and we will be available to resolve any doubts or issues you may have before commencing your placement.