Our Mission:


We work to encourage the development of social initiatives and projects through the promotion of volunteering. We offer a unique experience to people wanting to help others in disadvantaged environments and to have an alternative experience that enriches them on a personal level. We facilitate access to inspiring projects that really depend on the help of volunteers to grow and sustain themselves.

We provide all the necessary information to people interested in carrying out an international volunteering placement on how to get involved and what to do.

Our Vision:


To raise awareness amongst the maximum number of people about the reality that people face in underdeveloped countries worldwide and inform them of the potential impact of their support. We aim to effect a real social transformation in the arena of volunteering through fostering social conscience and commitment to change.

Our Values:


Social conscience and commitment: we consider it vitally important to inform and raise awareness of the conditions of underdevelopment and poverty that many people suffer in many different environments in many different countries all over the world. We believe that by creating this consciousness we can help contribute our grain of sand to making the world a more equal place, by helping individuals and society as a whole take steps towards reaching their philanthropic potential.
Solidarity: We live in an incredibly materialistic and selfish world, where there are huge discrepancies in terms of access to resources and basic human rights. We consider that a sense of solidarity – or a sense of unity based on shared goals and common interests – is something that all humans possess. This - along with our limitless capacity to change – is something that we consider should be harnessed and used to enrich our world, guarantee that the most disadvantaged societies have access to the most basic necessities and, most importantly, to HELP.
Confidence and Trust: We believe with total confidence in our project and our aims. Due to our commitment, our knowledge of the volunteering sphere and our experience, we consider ourselves a superior option for someone starting off on the volunteering path and a secure, real and proven option.
Honest & Strong Relationships
Founded on the pillars of sharing, humility, reciprocity, cooperation, understanding and acceptance.