Niños Ong VoluntariadoHelping people who need help, living alongside different cultures, learning their history, getting to know their people and sharing their way of life…..all of this entails that we go through an important and practically immediate change not only within ourselves, but also in the way we perceive the reality that surrounds us.

Each and every one of us can offer opportunities to those more disadvantaged than ourselves – opportunities that, through work, will enable them to realize their full potential and become protagonists of their own development.

Niños Ong VoluntariadoOur international volunteering placements offer you the opportunity to form part of a team of volunteers at any time of year, and to take part in projects all over Latin America. Our volunteers complete placements in a variety of areas – from education, health and administration to community development – and always aimed at benefitting areas affected by poverty and social exclusion.

Find out more about our programs by clicking on the link for OUR PROGRAMS, where we explain every detail you could need to know about the projects that we currently collaborate with.

If you prefer to speak directly to a member of our team for information you can contact us directly by email at or by phone at 91 837 13 05.