How did ONGVoluntariado start?


The idea of creating ONGVoluntariado came out of a firsthand experience of carrying out a volunteer placement in a developing country. More than 2 years ago two friends started collaborating as international volunteers in different projects in Central and Latin America. The experiences gained through these volunteer placements were incredibly gratifying and moving on a personal level for each of them; they were living amongst other volunteers for months and realized that nearly all of them had had the same doubts before starting this great adventure – how to ‘find’ a trustworthy NGO, how to know if the project responded to a real need that they could help to satisfy as a volunteer, how to assure that their accommodation would be safe and accessible, how to find out more about the country in which they would be staying, how to find someone who would help them plan, prepare and execute their placement.


And so ONGVoluntariado was born, with the idea of helping to guide and support potential volunteers thinking about living the same adventure and helping out NGOs in need. Our main priority is making the process simple for anyone who wishes to carry out a volunteering placement, as we are sure that once we remove the barriers, anyone can reach their potential as a volunteer. We want to provide information, security and confidence to those who have already taken the decision to carry out a placement, as well as providing follow-up and continued support during the course of their trip.