What is ONGVoluntariado?


ONGVoluntariado is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in Spain, whose mission is to organize short- and long-term international placements for people who wish to gain experience of volunteering in different countries in Latin America.


Does ONGVoluntariado offer any training/information?


Once you have taken the decision to go abroad with ONGVoluntariado we make sure that we provide you with all the information you will need about the country you are travelling to – its culture, climate, characteristics….basically everything you could need to know to get going on your trip. Depending on your country of residence we will provide you with this information either in person or via Skype. You will receive a series of explanatory information packs via email that include all the information necessary for you to get ready for your volunteering placement.  You can also get in touch with us before you leave and during your placement to resolve any outstanding questions by phone, Skype or email at any time.


About ONGVoluntariado


Why should I have to pay to be a volunteer?


The fee that we require our volunteers to pay is so that we can maintain the continuity of all our activities – to provide the coordination, supervision and organization of your project, the logistics of your trip and a direct donation to the project of your choice. ONGVoluntariado does not receive funding from any public or private entity. You can request at any time a breakdown of your program costs.


Does ONGVoluntariado provide a 24-hour emergency contact number?


Yes, each volunteer will be provided with the contact details of our head office in Spain, along with the details of your in-country coordinator/director of your placement project. Emergencies are not common but we consider it important to provide 24-hour support to volunteers to reassure you whilst you are abroad. We do require every volunteer to organize their own obligatory travel insurance before departure.


Once we are in the country of our placement does ONGVoluntariado provide constant support?


We offer constant support and monitoring to our volunteers during the period of their volunteer placement abroad.


How does ONGVoluntariado accurately define the needs of each of their partner projects?


We have a solid knowledge of all of our partner projects thanks to a constant and clear communication with each one of them. We have also personally corroborated their stated needs in our visits to the projects. Each partner project has the opportunity to set out their desired objectives and the activities they wish to carry out, and will also help provide all relevant information to the volunteer.
ONGVoluntariado periodically reviews all of our programs and updates the placement options according to any changes, modifications or new initiatives.