Why should I be a volunteer?


Many of us have thought at some point in time about the idea of taking a trip that’s something a little out of the ordinary – something that allows us to have incredible new experiences, something that’s gratifying on a personal level…..something that allows us to be involved in helping people living in precarious and disadvantaged situations. When we decide to take this step, there are usually a whole host of worries and doubts that come to mind and that could create a barrier between us and that international volunteering experience that we’ve been dreaming about.




At ONGVoluntariado one of our principle objectives is to help you resolve all of those doubts, minimize any barriers and provide you with all the help that you could need with your trip from beginning to end, taking into account the characteristics and necessities of the country in which you choose to life your experience.



What does ONGVoluntariado offer?


ONGVoluntariado will organize accommodation and transport for you from the airport to your final destination, along with providing you with a selection of NGOs for you to choose from so that you can find a volunteering placement that’s truly right for you. Without a doubt, volunteering is a life experience that we effusively recommend and have experienced firsthand. We assure you that it really is worth throwing yourself into the experience and making the most of the opportunity for personal growth that you can gain from completing a placement that will instantly make you feel alive, human and grateful for your surroundings. See more.




All our projects are located in countries with great tourist appeal, where stand out for its culture, history and customs.

Testimonials volunteers

  • - Laura -

    " The first time I travelled to Latin America I was dying to do some volunteering because it was something that I’d had at the front of my mind for a long time. I couldn’t commit much time to volunteering, so I wanted to go out there with something already organized and set in stone. "

  • - Isaac -

    " aking the decision to have this kind of experience is something that you always have at the back of your mind, but because of various excuses you just never end up doing it. "

  • - Mireia -

    " For years I had been thinking about doing some volunteering in Latin America, but there was always some obstacle or other that stopped me from doing it. "

  • - Jose -

    " love to travel, but this time I wanted to do something a bit different – not a trip like I had taken before, something more productive both for myself and for others. I’d never left Europe before, I wanted to ‘cross the pond’ as they say in Latin America. "

  • - Alejandro -

    " My volunteering experience was really very comprehensive – I thought that it would seem like a really long time that I was going to spend in Central America but it actually went so quickly! I was over there in total for 4 months and it was a hugely satisfying experience. "

  • - Pere -

    " I was at a point in my life where I was having trouble making decisions about several different things and I think it was just the right moment for me to do something like this to grow on a personal level. "